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Volunteer Engagement Outside the Box
Holly Daniels
What else is possible if we expand our understanding?

I’ve been busy learning since I became MAVA’s new Greater Minnesota Program Manager, in October. And I’m noticing ways we put volunteer engagement inside a box.
In 2022, there are four boxes I want to talk to people about, so others can notice them too, break out, and serve people and communities more effectively.
2021 Year in Review
Karmit Bulman
A message from MAVA Executive Director, Karmit Bulman
Training and Conferences
Wendy Vang-Roberts
Professional Development at MAVA
Meeting the Moment
Polly Roach
Thriving through change with Service Enterprise
What We're Reading - January 2022
What We're Reading - January 2022
Membership & Fund Development
Jenna Egan
What We Created and Accomplished in 2021
The MAVA VISTA Program
Maureen L. Bourgeois, Jonathan Grinde
2021 and Beyond
Welcome, new members!
Published on: 1/12/2022
New members in January 2022
What We're Reading - November 2021
What We're Reading - November 2021
Welcome, new members!
New members in November 2021
Happy Anniversary, MAVA!
Karmit Bulman
MAVA was founded in 2001 in response to a vision that leaders of volunteers could greatly impact Minnesota’s volunteer community through one strong statewide alliance capable of creating visibility and credibility, and of impacting volunteers' ability to have a meaningful impact.  Several associations and networks of leaders merged to form the organization known as MAVA today. Until 2001, Minnesota had somewhere between fifteen and forty associations for volunteer managers. The formation of MAVA allowed those professionals to speak with a common, unified voice, and to connect with one another for education, leadership, and networking.

MAVA came to fruition with a kickoff ceremony of approximately 200 volunteer managers from around Minnesota on November 14, 2001. On November 15, the Association’s executive director began serving. MAVA has faced many hurdles this first year, perhaps the most challenging one being the closing of the Minnesota Office of Citizenship and Volunteer Service,
Welcome, new members!
September new members
Your Voice Matters! MAVA Membership Satisfaction Survey 2020 Results
Your Voice Matters! MAVA Membership Satisfaction Survey 2020 Results
2021 Shifting Environment Survey: We need to hear from you
Title: 2021 Shifting Environment Survey: We need to hear from you
Author: Polly Roach
Tagline: Help MAVA map the changing landscape of volunteerism
Voices of Greater Minnesota - MAVA’s District Councils
Voices of Greater Minnesota - MAVA’s District Councils
The Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA) is interested in what volunteer engagement leaders have to say. Six District Councils have been created throughout Greater Minnesota to provide the structure for volunteer leaders to speak candidly and confidentially about challenges they are facing in Volunteer Management and to learn from each other about how to manage these challenges as well as share new ideas. The District Councils provide networking opportunities as well as serve to advise MAVA on program and training needs for Greater Minnesota. =
What We’re Reading - September 2021
What We’re Reading - September 2021
MAVA Monthly Member Spotlight: Angelica Vannatta
Meet this month's featured member, Angelica Vannatta, the Senior Manager of Volunteer Engagement for the United Way of East Central Iowa
Activating YOUR MAVA Member and Volunteer Engagement Professional Voice
By: Jenna Egan 

In this September Issue of the MAVA Monthly you’ll learn how your voice has been activated as a MAVA member and Volunteer Engagement Professional following COVID. This issue also focuses on ways in which you can continue to elevate your voice to create meaningful and positive changes in your organization, as a volunteer engagement leader, and as a MAVA member.
Volunteer Driver Coalition's Win in the 2021 Minnesota Legislature 
The MN Volunteer Driver Coalition, which MAVA is member of, had a win in the recent legislative session with the passage of a definition for a volunteer driver and  a volunteer mileage reimbursement bill. As a result of this legislation, the burden on volunteers for paying state taxes on the difference between the mileage reimbursement rate for volunteers (14 cents a mile) and the standard IRS mileage reimbursement rate will be dropped. Guidance on this change will be available in a  few months. The Volunteer Driver Coalition is hopeful that passage of the definition of a volunteer as different from a for-hire driver will result in insurance companies no longer increasing insurance rates on individuals solely because they volunteer as drivers. A Fact Sheet is currently being developed by the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access (MCOTA) to help organizations understand these legislative changes. MAVA will make this Fact Sheet available to members as soon as we receive it.
Use Your Voice
Raise your voice and be heard as a MAVA Member!

A member organization thrives on member input and involvement. As a member of the long-standing, but newly-renamed, Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement, you have several options for allying with your peers and contributing to MAVA’s future advancement. Some ways to be heard are:
We Are Tired, Yet We Cannot Rest. Statement from MAVA Board of Directors and Staff
Karmit Bulman, MAVA Board & Staff
Published on: 4/13/2021
In the midst of the Chauvin trial, which is adding trauma to communities still mourning the death of George Floyd, our hearts break once again at the news of another police killing of a Black man.
MAVA Statement on Race Related Murders and Racist Violence
Karmit Bulman
Published on: 3/18/2021
We at MAVA are devastated by the murders in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, which resulted in the deaths of eight people, including six women of Asian descent.
Yesterday Was A Hard Day
Karmit Bulman
Published on: 1/7/2021
Dear MAVA Community:
Regardless of your own political outlook, yesterday was a hard day. While we at MAVA believe that political and social movements and even protests are an essential form of volunteerism, the violence and obstruction that took place yesterday challenges our democracy. These actions are an affront to our ability to co-exist and to respect those with different viewpoints.
Volunteerism Best Practices: Not Best for Everyone
Lisa Joyslin
Published on: 10/28/2020
The idea of “best practices” is a key part of nonprofit lingo and a concept touted by volunteer engagement leaders as we work to build our profession.

It can be a helpful term, and a helpful concept. But it can also be harmful.
What We're Reading - October 2021
Check out what MAVA staff have been reading this month!
Welcome, new members!
Meet MAVA's members who joined or renewed their membership in the past month.
Recognizing Racism in Volunteer Engagement
Lisa Joyslin
Published on: 6/19/2020
Today, June Nineteenth, we commemorate the end of official slavery in the U.S. On this day, we recognize how racial injustices are still deeply rooted into the fabric of our society. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, followed by protests and riots across the nation calling for racial justice, many people are experiencing discomfort. Discomfort at the unfairness and injustice experienced in the Black community. Discomfort in our own actions, or lack thereof. Discomfort regarding how to move forward.
COVID-19 Resources for Volunteer Engagement Leaders
Published on: 5/20/2020
MAVA staff and board wish to provide support to each of you as we address challenges we face as a result of COVID-19. We are balancing health concerns with the importance of providing our members with support, connection, and resources.
MAVA in the News: Responding to COVID-19
Jenna Egan
Published on: 3/23/2020
MAVA in the news to discuss volunteerism and volunteer leadership during COVID-19.
MAVA COVID-19 Support and Updates
Published on: 3/16/2020
Dear MAVA Community:

These are hard times. The uncertainty can produce anxiety and it is difficult to know how to do our jobs and how to navigate the constantly changing environment. MAVA staff are working remotely and will continue to provide services and support to each of you virtually where possible.
MAVA’s Response and Resources for COVID-19
Published on: 3/12/2020
Dear MAVA Community,

MAVA staff and board wish to provide support to each of you as we address challenges we face as a result of COVID-19. We are balancing health concerns with the importance of providing our members with support, connection, and resources.
Preparing Your Volunteer Program for COVID-19
Published on: 3/11/2020
As COVID-19 spreads through the US, there are many unknowns as to the level and depth of response needed from nonprofit organizations. Managing volunteers through this pandemic will be an important part of continuing essential service delivery in our communities. While we acknowledge this is uncharted territory, we want to offer some tips for nonprofits and volunteer engagement leaders as you prepare your organization’s volunteers for COVID-19.
New Website Connects Immigrants with Volunteer Opportunities
Published on: 1/9/2020
Learn about Abdurrahman Mahmud who made a website focused on connecting immigrants to jobs and volunteer opportunities
Plan for Your DEI Professional Development in 2020
Published on: 1/9/2020
There are many opportunities to advance your own professional development through events focused
on diversity, equity and inclusion. Take a look at some of the organizations providing DEI training and
what they’re offering in 2020.
MAVA Announces New Inclusive Volunteerism Resources and Opportunities!
Published on: 1/9/2020
MAVA is excited to announce the release of several new inclusive volunteerism resources for volunteer engagement leaders, along with a first-time cohort learning opportunity around racial equity in volunteerism in 2020.
Member Benefit: Background Check Discounts with McDowell Agency
Learn about MAVA member discounts on background checks through the McDowell agency.