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The Volunteerism Bill's Fate Rests With a New Committee

Karmit Bulman | Published on 5/2/2023

This is it! Please take action.


The Volunteerism Bill is in the final stages of consideration by a different group of lawmakers.


This is a historic moment for volunteerism, not only in Minnesota, but nationwide. This one-of-a-kind Bill has a good chance of passage, and your help is needed. Your emails* to these elected officials will make a difference:


Rep. Tina Liebling:

Rep. Robert Bierman:

Rep. Dave Pinto; 

Rep. Heather Keeler:

Rep. Joe Schomacker:

Senator Melissa Wicklund:

Senator Kelly Morrison: E-mail:Use Mail Form

Senator Liz Boldon;

Senator Robert J. Kupec: E-mail:Use Mail Form

Senator Jim Abeler:


Sample Email:




The Volunteerism Provision is now being considered in the Omnibus Health and Human Services appropriations (SF 2995 and HF2930) conference committee. Can you please support the full million-dollar allocation?   You have been a true supporter and I know you care about the success of this work. A smaller allocation will not make a difference in terms of leveraging resources. The more funding we allocate the more volunteers we leverage, and the more people we help. It's that simple!


We really need your advocacy!