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Autism Mentorship Program (AMP)

Emily Goldberg | Published on 9/21/2022

A first-of-its-kind program, the Autism Mentorship Program (AMP) pairs autistic youth and adults in meaningful, one-to-one, mentoring relationships designed to provide support for the present and hope for the future. Designed by autistic adults for autistic youth, AMP is the resource that many autistic adults say was missing from their own lives. AMP offers:

  • Autistic teens - emotional support, a sense of identity and belonging, and help developing their strengths and advocating for their needs.
  • Autistic adults - an opportunity to be role models, share their unique insights, and empower autistic youth to feel successful and thrive.
Our mentors, Community Advisory Board members, and other autistic adults who dedicate their time and passion to AMP are the engine that drive our program and help it grow.  The outcome?  As one mentee put it, “I was given a new perspective on life with autism (and) what the future could be like”.