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Yesterday Was A Hard Day

Karmit Bulman | Published on 1/7/2021

Dear MAVA Community:

Regardless of your own political outlook, yesterday was a hard day. While we at MAVA believe that political and social movements and even protests are an essential form of volunteerism, the violence and obstruction that took place yesterday challenges our democracy. These actions are an affront to our ability to co-exist and  to respect those with different viewpoints.

This is the start of a new year and we all anxiously await return to health and peace in our communities. 2020 was a hard year in so many ways. We have lived through nearly a year of coping with a global pandemic and confronting racial injustice. For those of us who embrace the power of volunteerism, we know that our landscape has been turned upside down. You, your co-workers, family, and your community may be feeling confused, uncertain, anxious, overwhelmed, or even angry, about the events happening locally and nationally.

MAVA has played an important role in community change and improvement. We seek and share  knowledge, promote passion through action and believe in connection and conversation.  We have made a bold commitment to equity and community engagement and we are making a positive difference.

MAVA is here to provide education, information, connection and resources. We want to hear from you about ways we can support you and keep you energized in your work at all times.

Please connect with any MAVA contacts,  MAVA voice or me directly at  

Please keep on doing your great work.

In solidarity,


Karmit Bulman

MAVA Executive Director