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Transit for Healthcare: Volunteer Drivers in Aging and Rural Minnesota
Across Minnesota, younger senior citizens use their own private vehicles to serve as volunteer drivers – providing essential transportation for elderly and disabled members of the community to healthcare appointments, grocery stores, and other vital activities. With the population across Minnesota expected to age considerably over the next decade, especially in rural areas, rural transit providers and rural communities face growing challenges meeting the needs of those who cannot drive themselves.
Volunteer Engagement Through a Critical New Lens
Co-authors Rob Jackson and Erin R. Spink readily admit that few will be sad to see the year 2020 end. But, they write, “if nothing else, the pandemic and its impacts on leaders of volunteers and volunteerism have demonstrated more than ever the power and potential of our role in supporting and sustaining essential services and those that enhance our quality of life.”
Effects of the Pandemic on Employee Community Engagement
New 50-company study reveals radical changes in Employee Community Engagement. New Study: Effects of the Pandemic on Employee Community Engagement  Volunteer Canada, in collaboration with Volunteer Ireland, sought to better understand how this global crisis has affected the field of employee community engagement and how best to support employees “giving back” as we move through the pandemic towards recovery.
Findings indicate that companies are looking for creative solutions to continue their employee community engagement activities as they provide benefits to employee well-being and society at large.  With a priority on the health and safety of employees, there is a high demand for virtual volunteering opportunities that, to date, cannot entirely be met by community organizations.