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Why being kind to others is good for your health
"Adolescents who volunteer their time have been found to have lower levels of two markers of inflammation – interleukin 6 and C-reactive protein. Both of these have also been implicated in severe outcomes in patients infected with Covid-19. It raises the tantalizing prospect that during the pandemic, helping others in need could be particularly powerful, not simply as a way of lifting our moods through lockdown gloom. Research actually testing whether volunteering could have a protective effect against Covid-19 has yet to be conducted, and anything that increases your contact with others who might carry the virus would potentially increase your risk."

The Impact of COVID-19 on Volunteering & The Social Sector

 See key trends in the impact sector to give you the insights into how to build out your programs in 2021. Plus, free 2021 planning tips to maximize your social impact. 

Volunteer Driver Coalition seeks to maintain critical services
In 2018 volunteers provided nearly 75,000 older and non-driving Minnesotans with 168,000 rides giving them access to healthcare and other essential community services. Mobilizing willing volunteers to meet our aging population’s mobility challenges seems like a reasonable if not brilliant solution, but it’s getting complicated.

1. Some insurers are increasing rates on volunteer drivers treating them like for-hire taxi and ridesharing services. Also, Volunteers must pay federal and state income tax on mileage reimbursement received over the IRS-set rate of 14 cents per mile when the total reimbursement exceeds $600 a year.  

The Volunteer Driver Coalition is advocating for legislation right now to address these barriers. learn more and get involved to help maintain these critical mobility services.

Can volunteerism repair a nation?
Can volunteering repair a nation? I don’t mean dealing with infrastructure after a war or natural disaster – we know that volunteers are terrific at repairing homes, clearing roads, helping at shelters, rowing boats, etc. I mean can volunteerism be an effective tool when a nation’s people are so divided that they don’t even see reality the same way?