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What We're Reading - March 2022

Staff | Published on 3/2/2022


More Than a Ride

Volunteer drivers provide a bridge to independence for older adults in Greater Minnesota.

How To Handle Mental Health Conversations In The Workplace


Talking about mental health issues at work can be scary, whether it's with your fellow staff of volunteers, but it is necessary - and in some cases, life-saving. For thoughts on opening up a dialogue, see "How to Handle Mental Health Conversations in the Workplace" from Forbes.

What funding volunteer engagement looks like

Frustrated by assumptions that volunteer services should receive the smallest slice of resources because "volunteers are free"? See Jane Cravens' blog for real talk on What Funding Volunteer Engagement Looks Like, and ways to describe resource requirements (not requests). 

How to be an ally in the workplace: 13 ways to do it


We all know about microaggressions, but have you heard of microaffirmations? This article from TED highlights "How to be an ally in the workplace: 13 ways to do it."