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MAVA Member’s work highlighted in the media, and at an upcoming MAVA event in Staples

Holly D Daniels | Published on 1/20/2023

Perham Health is offering a new program called Elevate, which highlights volunteerism and other ways to fight isolation, and support the health of community members. Elevate is a grant-based program, led by MAVA member, Maggie Fresonke, and Mindi Larson, the Elevate community coordinator.

Learn more in person

On March 2nd, Maggie and Mindi will share about their community-based approach to volunteering at the Central Minnesota Volunteer Engagement Connect & Learn Event in Staples. The event is put on by MAVA, Boldt Pine Haven, and Lakewood Health System, who is also hosting. 

See more details and registration info here, on MAVA’s website.  Also thank you to Sourcewell, for helping make this event possible!

Learn more from an article in the Perham Focus

Read more about the Elevate program in this article from the Perham Focus, from Dec. 29, 2022. Including this quote from Mindi Larson:

"We wanted to be a one-stop-shop for people to be able to go to the app and say, 'I have some free time later this week,' and look at what they're going to do…to donate some of their time and talent and make a positive impact on our community."