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Insight to Action Dismantling Inequities in Volunterism Virtual Conference Dec 7-8, 2023

Welcome to the 4th Annual MAVA 2023 Dismantling Inequities in Volunteerism Conference! This virtual conference is unlike any other, as it propels you to turn insight into action, and dismantle inequities within your scope of work, the field of volunteerism, and in your community. The content is geared towards all levels of an organization; we recommend participation by executive leadership, boards of directors, and funders, to see how they can increase organizational effectiveness by supporting a culture of belonging.

Join us for two days, packed with keynotes and experience-centered breakout sessions, focused on the implementation of DEI practices in volunteer engagement. Attendees will leave with new energy, skills, tools, and plans, to impact and influence their programs and organizations!

Now is the time, to turn insight into action!


Keynote and Large Group Sessions

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Breaking Down Barriers & Building Bridges
to Advance Volunteerism
Opening Keynote
Bridging the Gap:
From DEI+ Intentions to DEI+ Impact
Large Group Afternoon Session
Paulette Bonneur

How can you identify barriers when tunnel vision is obstructing the full picture? The answer is you can't! In this engaging session we will identify barriers, roadblocks and hazards that get in the way of community, and learn how to build bridges between organizations, individuals, volunteers and those who serve BIPOC communities. We will explore strategies that outline the impact of a social justice lens to advance volunteerism from every angle. Participants will leave with tangible tools to start making an impact in volunteerism.

Amena Chaudhry

The DEI+ industrial complex has a long history in the US and its current impact is disappointing. Despite the uptick in the interest and verbal commitments expressed by a large number of organizations after the murder of George Floyd, outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and people of color are no better than they were before 2020. In the workplace, Black, Brown and other marginalized employees are still feeling unsafe, unheard, and undervalued. In this talk and discussion, participants will learn about the contributing factors leading to the backlash against DEI+ work and the lack of DEI+ success. And what it takes to shift from a compliance or programmatic approach to DEI+ work towards a leader-led and integrated approach. 

Friday, December 8, 2023

Speak Up Against Antisemitism
(From the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Large Group Morning Session

Influencing Up, Down & Across Your Organization 
with a DEI Lens!
Closing Keynote
Dr. Alon Milwicki

Jaci Jones

Jaci Jones 2023 Dismantling Inequitites

This session will explore historical trends in antisemitism in the US, and how antisemitism intersects with other forms of racism. It will also introduce Learning for Justice’s Speak Up guide which will provide the audience with strategies for how to speak up against hate and bias in their communities.

We will conclude by using contemporary examples of antisemitism to practice the strategies illustrated in the workshop.

Dr. Jermaine Davis

Do you know how to effectively influence up, down, and across your organization utilizing a DEI lens? Do your colleagues really listen to you when you discuss issues that they perceive as too divisive and polarizing? Can you quickly 
assess a situation and adjust your message to accomplish your communication, teamwork, and DEI-related goals? Would you like to learn how to properly address DEI-related conflictsso they don’t spiral out of control and destroy your team’s engagement, morale, and motivation? 

In this engaging and interactive closing keynote, Dr. Jermaine will share practical tips on how leaders and volunteers can utilize the principles and practices of Communication and Influence to minimize the power of microaggressions, cultivate a culture of belonging, and increase organizational effectiveness. This presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s bestselling books, Leading with Greatness! and Leading and Working with an Inclusive Lens

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