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 Conference Venue Information

Mount Zion Temple


The conference takes place at Mount Zion Temple located at 1300 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105. View Mount Zion's map and directions.

Venue accessibility
The space is wheelchair accessible with an entry ramp and elevator.

Mount Zion owns a parking lot with ample space on Summit Avenue and Syndicate Street next to Kowalski's Market. There is also limited street parking. View the map below.

Building entrance
The venue is closed to the public with controlled entry at all times during the three days of the conference. Please enter the building through the Summit Avenue entrance. All other entrances will be locked and not monitored. View the map below.

There is a single-stall gender-neutral restroom located right inside the Summit Avenue entrance, to the left.  There are multiple-stall gendered restrooms available on the first and second floor.  

Concurrent session rooms
Concurrent sessions take place in four rooms, which we have renamed for our fair theme. One of the rooms, which we are calling the Giant Slide, is on the second floor, accessible by stairs and elevator.

Additional rooms available
- Outdoor terrace available, with the option to eat lunch outside
- Library available for folks looking for introvert time


Contact Anne Morehouse at