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Attend the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training (VILT) Series and earn your Certificate in Volunteer Impact Leadership!


The VILT Series is practical, insightful and addresses universal topics for any leader or group working with volunteers. The training series provides the tools needed to ensure that volunteer programs support the organization’s mission and expand the organization’s overall impact and outreach while prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion.


The VILT Series is designed for people new to providing leadership to volunteers and those who have been in the field for many years and wish to increase their knowledge. The trainings are facilitated by people working in the field, those who lead volunteers daily and are willing to share their expertise with colleagues.

Training Modules:


Capturing Volunteer Motivation and Conducting Effective Interviews

Understanding why people volunteer, and then learning how to tailor your interaction and your volunteer opportunities to embrace and support these motivational differences, is the focus of this module. You’ll also learn a basic process and skills necessary to screen volunteers to quickly and effectively determine their volunteer motivation.


Designing Volunteer Positions

The design of volunteer positions affects ease of volunteer recruitment, volunteer satisfaction and the success of the volunteer program. This module focuses on how to design volunteer positions that will draw volunteers to your organization and create a well-organized volunteer program structure.


Managing Risk

This module explores how to identify, evaluate and manage risk as it relates to your volunteer program, from liability incidents to emergency situations. Learn how to diminish risks using preventive strategies and techniques, and what kinds of policies and procedures should be communicated to your volunteers to manage risk factors.


Recruiting Volunteers

This module helps your organization describe and identify the kind of people who will be the right volunteers and then develop ways to effectively reach potential volunteers with a compelling message.


Supervising Volunteers

Effective volunteer efforts depend on effective direction and positive, constructive, timely supervision. Learn what it takes to be a successful volunteer supervisor, and what your organization can do to support this key process.


Positioning Your Volunteer Program for Success

Developing a successful volunteer program that contributes to your overall organization depends on a solid internal process and interaction with key management and staff. Learn how to “vision” your ideal volunteer program and build the internal relationships you need to make sure your volunteer program supports your organizational goals, and is supported by your organization.


Singing Your Praises…Measuring Your Impact

In this module, you’ll learn the conceptual framework and tools to help evaluate and track the impact of your volunteer program.


Recognizing and Retaining Volunteers

Regardless of their motivation for volunteering, all volunteers need and deserve recognition and appreciation for their efforts. This module will explore formal and informal forms of volunteer recognition and essential guidelines to make sure your efforts are on track. You will also learn what you can do as an organization to increase your ability to retain volunteers.

How can I earn a Certificate in Volunteer Impact Leadership?


Once you have completed all eight modules of the (VILT) Series, you will receive a Certificate in Volunteer Impact Leadership from the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration. Use your Certificate to demonstrate to your employer that you have completed training in key components of volunteer leadership. The more knowledgeable you are about how to manage a volunteer program and how to lead volunteers, the more your organization will maximize volunteer resources to address critical community concerns. Register for upcoming VILT Series dates or view the 2021 VILT Series schedule.

How can I get the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series scheduled in my community?

MAVA is committed to providing affordable, accessible training by partnering with community organizations across the state. We will work with you to offer the trainings in your community or customize the Volunteer Impact Leadership Training Series or a portion of the series to meet the needs of your community or your organization. For further information on how to partner with MAVA to present the series in your organization or community, contact Wendy Roberts at 


Contact Wendy Roberts, Training Manager, at