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Scott-Carver Association for Volunteer Involvement
What is SAVI?
SAVI is a professional network of volunteer leaders in Scott and Carver Counties. The group
meets three times a year to empower managers of volunteers through networking and to
promote community awareness of volunteerism in the area. Individuals who manage volunteers
in non-profit agencies, public service organizations, businesses or corporations are encouraged to

What is the SAVI mission?
The mission of the Scott-Carver Association for Volunteer Involvement is to increase the
effective utilization of volunteers and professional development among its members by:
• Providing an on-going forum for sharing information and resources;
• Offering occasional training opportunities for leaders of volunteers; and
• Increasing the visibility of volunteerism in the communities we serve.

Why is SAVI important?
Network meetings can be a valuable part of a volunteer management position. SAVI provides
opportunities to meet, share recruitment and retention ideas and problem solve with professionals
in the field. SAVI connections give members an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to common

How often and where does SAVI meet?

SAVI meets three times a year. Meetings are held at the Shakopee Public Library, 235 S. Lewis
St., Shakopee.

What is the format?
Meetings are informal. Members share highlights and possibly a few needs from their
organization. The remaining time is spent networking about a specific volunteer management
related topic determined in advance.

What other benefits does SAVI offer?

SAVI coordinates the publication of a regular Volunteer Opportunities column in area newspapers.
The regular column gives members an opportunity to recruit and promote their program
through local newspapers.

Who do I contact for more information?
Cara Madsen - 
(952) 496-8169

Jenny Nagy -
(952) 226.0085
Members can share questions and comments by visiting the SAVI Discussion Forum page.