Rob Jackson: 21st Century Volunteering: How Volunteering is Changing and What Organizations Can Do About it

Friday, May 10th

Build. Invigorate. Unite. These themes represent what Rob Jackson has done for volunteerism around the world.

Rob Jackson conveys expert advice & passion about the potential of people. He inspires others to bring about change.

He will challenge, inspire and motivate you to think differently about volunteerism in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Rob’s keynote: 21st Century Volunteering, will look at some of the big social trends impacting 21st century society, what they might mean for volunteerism and how organizations can respond to them.


“Rob is highly knowledgeable about volunteerism in the UK and around the world. He is a ‘thinker’ on this subject and is able to analyze trends, put issues into context, and communicate information to others. He's also a great guy and all-around good person, with a wry sense of humor.”

-Susan J Ellis, President, Energize Inc.

“Rob Jackson is one of the leading authorities on volunteering in the world.”

-Dr. Justin Davis Smith, Chief Executive, Volunteering England

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Jody Cross: Connect with Leaders Inside AND Outside the Volunteer World!

Thursday, May 9th

Is there any skill more vital than strong communication to the volunteer world?  What volunteers do makes a dramatic difference in the lives of others. Your role is critical. Each one of you is providing the right connections and support to help those who help others in our communities. This keynote presentation will help you:

  • Facilitate better connections.
  • Tailor your conversations to make a greater impact.  
  • Influence others about the important work of volunteerism.




"Before working with Jody, my boss's boss barely knew my name. Since Jody helped me to come from my audiences' perspectives when speaking, this has had a huge impact on my career. I now present nine times more often, to bigger groups in and outside of Sprint, and have been entrusted with higher level projects as well as more leadership opportunities."

- Monika Panpaliya, Manager, Sprint


"Everyone found Jody's presentation to be useful and enjoyable. We appreciated the time she put into learning about our organization and membership so her information was truly tailored to our group. This made it even more relevant for our members. We have suggested her as a speaker to many other groups as well!"

- Nicole Riegel, former Program Chair, ABWA (American Business Women's Association)

Jody’s new book, Leaders Speak: How to Transform Your Career and Life Through Public Speaking, is now available through Amazon.

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