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School’s out – but professional development is year-round

Polly Roach
If you have some breathing room with the wind-down of the school year and all those September to June obligations, why not make summertime learning time? Build your professional effectiveness and practice expertise by obtaining your Certificate in Volunteer Leadership through MAVA’s Volunteer Impact Leadership Training (VILT) Series, offered in Elk River July 10th – 11th. This two-day, full-day format provides a chance to maximize learning while minimizing time away from the office, and the variety of topics and trainers make the time fly by. This is the only opportunity attend the VILT Series during the summer, so spaces may fill up quickly. Register here.

While you’re building your knowledge, take time to build your professional network. For those in the Metro area, the next MAVA Connections meeting, being held Thursday, June 21st, 11:30 am – 1:00 p.m. at the MAVA office, will focus on Training Volunteers, while the Volgistics User Gathering takes place in July and every odd-numbered month to share tips, tools and tricks for getting the most out of the popular volunteer management platform. These meetings are FREE to MAVA members and their guests; you can find details on each through the Training Calendar. Registration is required for MAVA Connections.

For those located outside the Twin Cities, explore the Networks page on the MAVA website to find ways to get connected with your volunteer management tribe. There, you can use the map to check on whether there is a network of volunteer leaders that meets in your geographic area or review the list of sector-based networks to see if there is a group that brings together volunteer engagement professionals working in the same field, such as the Administrators of Healthcare Volunteers (AHV) or the Leaders of Faith-Based Volunteers (LFBV). Some of the best learning we do in this field is from each other, so use your summer downtime - if you get any - to enhance learning opportunities by expanding connections with your peers.