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Enhance your volunteer capacity with AmeriCorps VISTA!

What is AmeriCorps VISTA?
  • AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a national community service program sponsored by the federal government.
  • Members receive a modest living allowance in exchange for a year of service in low-income communities.
  • MAVA VISTAs serve across the state to expand, improve, and sustain volunteer programming that connects Minnesotans to the resources they need to move out of poverty.
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What do VISTA members do?
  • Improve your organization’s engagement of volunteers to better meet your mission
  • Develop or expand volunteer programs, create or expand volunteer or staff training, strengthen partnerships, research and develop volunteer program resources, and more
Members don’t replace a staff position or perform ongoing volunteer management functions. MAVA only assigns VISTAs to organizations that have a volunteer resources staff position in place. Your site provides member support, supervision, and a welcoming environment including:
  • Onsite orientation, training, and supervision for the VISTA member
  • Quarterly progress reports and program evaluations to MAVA
  • Participation in site visits and supervisor trainings
  • Workspace and office equipment
Is my organization eligible? Yes, if your organization:
  • Is a nonprofit, educational institution or public agency that serves Minnesota communities in poverty
  • Needs a VISTA member to complete a three-year capacity-building project to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of or develop/expand a volunteer program
  • Will provide consistent on-site supervision and support to a VISTA member year-round
  • Can contribute a portion of the cost to support the VISTA member ($4,000 or $11,880)
  • Isn't currently participating in a Service Enterprise training cohort
How do we apply?

Sites are selected in a competitive application process. Download the Request for Proposals for the application instructions and link.
All new project applicants are required to attend one informational webinar about the MAVA VISTA program. Click this link to hear a recorded version of the webinar.