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Last Push for Minnesota Volunteerism Bill

Published on 4/27/2023
Please contact Minnesota Senators and Representatives today!

Do you want funding for innovative volunteerism?
Might your program benefit from funding?

We just received word that the final version of the volunteerism Bill will be reconciled in conference committee today.

The Human Services Omnibus Bill includes the Volunteerism Bill, but the amount is smaller than anticipated, so we need friends of MAVA to contact Committee Members to ensure full funding.

It is critical the Human Services Conference Committee members vote for the full one-million dollar allocation.

Please contact the following list of senators and representatives as soon as possible. 
It should take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Sample Letter:


[Please introduce yourself and state why this funding is important to you.]

I urge you and members of the Human Services Omnibus Bill Conference Committee to adopt the House version of the volunteerism provision in the Human Services Omnibus Bill at $1 Million. The House version has the full allocation and the Senate version does not.

The full allocation will allow us to meet basic needs of Minnesotans through leveraging thousands of volunteers. Without the full allocation, success is not guaranteed.

Thank you.