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Volunteer Appreciation
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Hi Tammy,

I am interested to see what others have to say as well!  We have added different items for recognition with the RSVP logo such as:  Years of service pins, draw string back packs, grocery reusable type bags with a plastic bottom, pizza cutters, RSVP mugs and pens.  We've ordered through Positive Promotions, Baudeville 4imprints and a local place. 

For advisory members we've purchased some cups that say "You're Awesome" and filled them with different types of treats representative of all the ways they've helped.  There are a lot of ideas of sayings on Pinterest.  We've ordered light fleece picnic blankets with our logo on them or mugs. 
I was hoping to collect a list of thoughtful volunteer appreciation gift ideas and the vendors from whom you purchase them. We are growing tired of water bottles, pens, and journals. We are open to the unexpected and unique! Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas with the Girl Scouts River Valleys.
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