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Volunteer Recruitment
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I've found that being a part of open houses, vendor events are very helpful with in person recruiting.  I recruit volunteers for our school district (preK - Adult education), so I' will host a table at our local chamber of commerce functions, attend school conference nights and open houses, etc..  Are there any sports tournaments in your area that would be open to you have a table or flyers at?  Sporting goods store is another great idea..  College and community college campuses would be good, many coffee shops are open to flyers for volunteers too.  If there is a 5K or something in your area, perhaps they would like you have some information there too?  Best of luck!

Ann Venneman
I like your idea of starting with your members. Since it is sports related could you reach out to area sports leagues/teams. Not sure of your age requirement but area high school teams might be a place to recruit. You could also look at college teams and/or students with sports or physical education majors. Flyers at sporting stores-less personal but the people there are interested in physical activity.
YMCA of Greater Twin Cities. Right now I'm trying to recruit for our sports programs before the summer starts when we will need a large number of volunteers. My initial thought is to approach our members who are already physically in the space for me to interact with.
What type of organization are you at, Joelle? I've worked for a few different types of organizations and recruitment efforts, while some cross-over, are often specific to the mission of the organization and the type of work the volunteers will be doing.
As an organization we don't actively recruit volunteers until recently. All the methods I use are virtual so; volunteermatch, idealist, allforgood, etc. I don't get much success using that and now we have a volunteer who position is just to help recruit volunteers and they prefer interpersonal interactions.

What in-person methods have you used that have been successful in engaging volunteers?
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