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Background checks - International
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Could you develop an opportunity that doesn't require a background check like some organizations?   For example, organizations that are committed to helping people coming out of incarceration have opportunities that don't require it, where the volunteer is always in a group setting. I know some HR departments are very much against that but it could be worth a try.

We  (volunteer office and HR) have worked with different vendors over the years since 2006 but they have been able to process non-U.S. citizens.  We haven’t had a need in recent years though so I don’t know what may have changed.  They had it set up in their online background check application for these volunteers to select “Non-U.S. Candidate” and then fill in their National ID #. 

Hi Jean,
We had someone in a similar situation a few summers ago. It was the god-niece of an employee here who was foreign and was going to be staying for the entire summer, so it felt worth pursing...however, looking back it was more work than worth. We do DHS checks on volunteers, so SS# is optional on that, but the barrier we had was that she didn't have a US address, phone, etc OR a SS#. 

I started by reaching out to our HR staff to ask them what to do. They worked with legal, and if I remember correctly, we ended up running the background check through the system that HR uses for some staff - which was more costly and more in depth than what we use for our general staff and volunteers. It took a long time to complete, it was expensive, and it was very complex in needing to get approval and buy in from HR, legal, etc. 

I would start by reaching out to your HR or legal if possible and see what they do for staff or interns.

Good luck!
~ Amy
We have a person that has recently come to this country and does not have a Social Security number; making it difficult to conduct a background check.   One option is to get a check from their home country, this is very expensive and takes a couple of weeks.  Any other ideas? Thanks for your feedback. 
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