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Onboarding and risk management with court-ordered ...
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I am excited to hear these answers.  I have a had few that were short term. I treat them like everyone else. All the same paperwork, really hoping that they end up to be a better volunteer and want to stick around!  If we do less and then they stick around, will you miss some of the paperwork?  It seems like a lot but might be easier. 
Hi Arbor,

We don't allow court-ordered volunteers, but we do have a number of college students who come to do service hours. For groups that are doing a 2-3 hour volunteer project, I just have them sign a confidentiality waiver and have them clean or do other random projects we have.  For those needing more hours, like your 20 hour example, I treat them as I would any other volunteer and have them to do regular volunteer tasks. In many of these cases, they turn into long term volunteers :)

Good luck!

Bobbie Tidball
Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead
Hello Arbor-

We have court ordered volunteers in our stores who sometimes need only a few hours, but we treat all of the people serving us equally, even though they aren't staying long. We always have them go through a short orientation, have them read our policies and complete an application. In the orientation, we give them a tour, make sure they know what their duties entail, tell them a bit about our organization, then they are able to start volunteering. We fill out a timesheet for them and give copies of it to them (one for the court and one to them) after their volunteer service.

For your orientation, or on-boarding you could do something really short, like 15 minutes?

I hope that helps.  

Sara Triplett
Hello everyone,

I would like to know what other people do to process limited-scope volunteers, especially when it's court-ordered hours.  The situation I have is a prospective volunteer looking to complete community service hours by cleaning the commons area of the apartment building he is connected to.  Here are my questions:

-How do people onboard someone who serves for a limited time (20 hours in this case) and limited scope (simple cleaning)?  Do people have them sign a job description?  I would like it to be a simple process for the sake of my site staff, but also want to do my do diligence with paperwork.  

-How do people navigate a court-ordered service hours?  Hard lines around what is able to be accomodated?  Case-by-case basis?  Both?

Thank you everyone!

Arbor Otalora-Fadner
CommonBond Communities
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