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Meals for Volunteers
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At Johnson Memorial Health Services we feed our Thrift Shop workers if they put in at least 3 hrs...and any other Volunteer who works at least 4 hours.  They sign up for the meal like our staff does and then I deliver it to them.  (Or they pick it up at the kitchen if I am not here).  Our facility appreciates their work and strongly supports this policy.

Jody Bjerke
Volunteer Coordinator
Johnson Memorial Health Services
Dawson, MN 56232
At Camp Victory, o-ur volunteers are invited to enjoy a meal when meals are being served.  If meals are not being served, we find leftovers, etc. for them.  It is just one way we show appreciation for them.
I work at Sholom and we do not offer free meals but I think it's a great recognition idea to reward them for their service. I have done this at other organizations too.
If a volunteer donates around 3 hours during that day, they are provided a complimentary meal in the employee cafeteria. This used to have a $3.00 value/limit, but we stopped that.  Ironically the actual cost that my department is charged (raw food, labor, etc) is over $7.00 per meal.  Sometimes I will just order a pizza for them since it is cheaper.
At Minnesota Masonic Home we do provide a $5.00 meal allowance for all volunteers.  They eat in our cafeteria or General Store cafe.  We do not require any minimum hour requirement for them.  This is a great benefit to them and they love it.

Beverly Potz
I am curious to find out from MAVA members and in particular, the senior living (assisted living, skilled nursing) sector, what their policy is regarding providing meals for volunteers.  Do you provide a free meal?  If yes, is there a minimum requirement of service hours needed that day?  Where do the volunteers eat the meal (i.e., resident dining room, volunteer break room, etc.)?  If you don't provide a meal, do you provide anything else (i.e., snacks)?

Appreciate all comments and feedback, thank you!

Diane Lucas
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