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Thank you for chiming in!  I think I'm going to go with SignupGenius.
I also used SignUp genius for an event that included 100 volunteers and also paid the extra fee
 to get rid of the advertising.

The only drawback was when a corporate contact would select 15 slots, but only really be able to supply 5 volunteers.  You may be able to put a cap on the number of slots a person can select.
(Something I'm looking into for this year).  I did try to offset this by requiring names for the volunteers in order to make nametags. This allowed me to know if I needed to recruit again for the now open slots.

Hope that helps!
Cathy Thoma
Hammer Volunteer Resources Manager
I have used with much the same kinds of experience as Arbor.  It was easy to use, and the staff have a live tutorial on Fridays where afterwards you can talk to a person about your needs.  I think that we went with the paid version too, but it was NOT pricey at all, as memory serves.  We used it for a large, national conference event with about 200 volunteers.  I know other colleagues use it for fairs, project learning days, and other, smaller events too.  

Hi Arbor,
I used SignUpGenius for our annual gala this December. We had about 130 volunteers so I could no longer use the excel document like we had in the past. I found it easy to use, but we did purchase a version to get rid of the ads and get better reports. It did all the things you are asking and I was able to individually email roles as needed or the whole group. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any specific questions on it.

Katie Baker

Hello MAVA community,

Does anybody have recommendations for managing volunteer registration for a large event?  My organization is preparing for our annual gala fundraiser, and I'm in charge of getting volunteers registered for the various roles (set up, main room, tear down, etc.).  The roles have different start and end times.

Historically we have done an email-based system where we email potential volunteers with the event description and listed descriptions of the volunteer roles.  People then email me back directly, get a confirmation email, and are added to an Excel spreadsheet on my end.

I'm particularly curious whether there are any good online services that can aid registration.  In a perfect world the service would do these things:

-Let people easily sign up without registering for the service or wading through advertisements.
-Let people see basic details of the volunteer roles, including start and end times and how many spots are left for a particular role.
-Have people's auto-confirmation be tailored for the specific role they signed up for, rather than a blanket confirmation for the whole event.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks all!

Arbor Otalora-Fadner
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