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Annual Meeting: Inspiring Staff Engagement and Readiness in Working with Volunteers

November 5, 9:30am- 2:00pm
Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, MN
The scope of volunteer involvement within an organization hinges on the enthusiasm of staff at all levels about what volunteers can contribute, as well as their readiness to support and partner with volunteers. A groundbreaking 2013 MAVA survey pinpointed key staff concerns about working with volunteers. Perceived challenges included the time needed for supervision, concern about client confidentiality, and availability of volunteers with needed skills. How can you address these issues at your organization? Come to this program to:
  • Gain insights from the MAVA survey on organizational staff perceptions of opportunities and barriers to working with volunteers.
  • Learn about developmental stages of organizational readiness for work with volunteers, and identify where your organization currently is and where it could improve.
  • Hear from a panel of peers about strategies that have been successful at addressing myths about working with volunteers and overcoming barriers in staff readiness for volunteers.
  • Connect with volunteer leaders from organizations at similar developmental stages to your own and identify strategies to move to the next level.

You will take home tools that you can use to address the key challenges staff hold about working with volunteers, and tools to develop a cutting edge strategy for inspiring staff to capitalize on volunteer resources.

Annual Meeting PowerPoint for Attendees


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