Annual Meeting: Moving Forward through a Shifting Environment 

November 7, 9:30am- 1:30pm
Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, MN

While everything around you is changing, how do maintain your focus, your positioning in the organization and avoid being a victim of the shifting sands

We are seeing rapid change in who is volunteering, what volunteers expect and what organizations expect from volunteers. In addition, changes at the state and federal government level are impacting our organizations and programs. Come to the MAVA 2013 Annual meeting to explore what is changing and strategies to address the changes.
  • Learn the results of the MAVA 2013 survey on the Status of MN Volunteer Programs in a Changing Environment
  • Hear from a panel about how things are changing from an international level to your local community.
  • Share with peers in your service sector changes you are seeing and strategies being developed to address the changes.

Come away with ideas on how you can revamp your program now in order to be a change leader within your organization.

Annual Meeting PowerPoint for Attendees


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